None of us comes fully equipped.

I posted some not very kind things about a certain Evangelical Christian woman blogger and author on my Facebook yesterday.  I was heated, I was very upset, and I was extraordinarily offended, but I said some things that were not at all my finest hour, and then this was posted today, a quote from Carl Sagan, who still has so much to say to us:


and I realized that, even beyond being the Christian that I claim to be (and mostly fail at), being a thinking person requires understanding that we’re not all going to get there at the same time.  And as much as I should understand that Christians will never be heard if we are not kind, so is true for thinkers and scientists.  I can yell at the top of my lungs about proof and numbers that support my point, and I do have a LOT of evidence, but if I am also not compassionate, if I don’t stop to think about the language that I use, maybe I’m no better than people who don’t have the same evidence I do. So, “let us temper our criticism with kindness.”  In fact, let ME temper my own criticism with kindness, and let me especially love my neighbor who thinks dinosaurs lived with cave people and whose rhetoric defies all peer-reviewed evidence and logic.


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