Why not Green Eggs and Ham?

I do not like you, Sam I Am

One of the things I DREADED about becoming a mother was this book.  Some people in my family think this is the best book for kids, EVER.  My beef with this book is not the end – it’s a great lesson for kids with enough attention span to get there.  But in the years before then, they get pages and pages of a whiny guy who WON’T EAT SOMETHING.  Before then, they sure do hear “I do not like them,” and “I will not eat them,” enough times to make those words stick in a kid’s brain. Peanut, by the way, eats almost anything I put in front of her, and I plan on keeping it that way!

Our kids hear everything that we say, they do take it in, they absorb it all, and they will regurgitate it at the most inopportune moments, in this case, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  So, Sam-I-Am, take it somewhere else.  Your friend who will not eat Green Eggs and Ham until page 40 is NOT welcome at our house.


What I love about Easter Season

These might be the universally “best” weeks in the Church calendar.  Easter season designates the weeks from Easter through Pentacost when we get to be totally grateful, these are the weeks when our hearts burst with Alleluias.  We’re not waiting for something “better,” like Christmas or Easter, and it’s not Lent, which, much to my chagrin, is not well-loved by “churchy people.”  These are the weeks of the brightly dressed church ladies, the return of altar flowers, dresses and sandals for little girls (and their moms on a good Sunday).  These are the days that have me figuratively being dragged kicking and screaming into summer come May.  These are post-Resurrection days, easy days, thankful days, when the Church takes a deep breath and, having been filled with grace, we can let it out and bless the world.