I gave up my to-do list??

It was just one day…today, actually.  But it was glorious!  That doesn’t mean I got nothing done.  I did manage to feed my child, finish (most of) the laundry, take a walk with Peanut and give her a bath.  I got stuff done.  I also read.

Long, long ago, before I was pregnant, I inhaled books and I ran a lot, and I worked and spent time with Peanut’s dad, and that was my whole life.  I did laundry once a week or less, used very few dishes and washed them when I finished.  I NEVER had a sink FULL of dirty dishes.  That concept didn’t even exist in my pre-mom world.  And then I had a baby.  And suddenly, I had massive amounts of clothes and dishes to wash almost every single day and a kid to wash on a regular basis and Bumpos and high chairs and toys to keep clean.  Babies are gross!  So, in the midst of all this yuck and my scouring of the internet and parenting books to feed my need to be the world’s best mother, I stopped reading the stuff I really loved.   I still do read occasionally.  I did finish The Hunger Games (first book only).  And then yesterday, I picked up a book by Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong at the church where I work, and I was enthralled, I was engrossed, and most of all, I fell in love with Jesus, again, which is not something I take lightly.

I’m not terribly religious, in the sense that while going to church and raising Peanut in the church and being Episcopalian are all important to me, having all the answers doesn’t really appeal to me – I like the questions better.  I have some opinions about the Bible that I don’t really share, but I find the practice and community of liturgy centers me, so I stand and kneel and I repeat the creeds and make space for the Holy to find me. Usually, when I encounter the Holy these days, I hear it in my sweet daughter’s laughter or the way she touches my cheek when I hold her, or her adorable “Ah-men” when we pray.  She makes ordinary days completely extraordinary.

So, reading Spong for two days was not on my to-do list, and often, making space for Holy isn’t either, but sometimes, when it finds you, you can just save the ordinary for another day.  So, grocery list-making, vacuuming, Goodwill run, picture hanging, and random things to fix, I will see you tomorrow, instead.


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