Peanut is 18 months old!

Sometimes, my awesome kid grows so fast, does so many cute and amazing things, and loves me so much that I am completely blown away.  Today she is 18 months old, and much like everyday, all I want to do is keep her small and safe. Like every three months, we have a doctor’s appointment – this time with a new doctor.  I know Peanut will be 20-something pounds and 20-something inches tall, that she’ll be slightly on the chunky side, because she always has a little belly when she’s about to hit a growth spurt, that the doctor will ask me all about her teeth and words and things she does, which is apparently NOT an invitation for me to brag.  (Why did it take me this long to realize that??)  She will get at least 3 shots and hate me for five whole minutes, and during that time, I will agonize that she will hate me forever. 

And then we will go to the bookstore nearby pick out a book (one for each of us!) and then split a small milkshake.  It really is the small rituals that I hope she loves so much, because I think making them up is one of the best things about being her mom.

This is Peanut at the doctor’s office – 21 lbs, 28 3/4″ tall


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