People are messy!

Kids are obviously messy – I know my sweet Peanut is always sticky, no matter how often I wipe her little hands with a baby wipe or washcloth.  It’s a fact of my life that I am going to be covered in baby, sticky and gross, and completely in love. 

What I am not completely in love with is adult messiness.  We are quirky and mean and narcissistic and not at all loveable, although I hope the sweet girl I’m raising takes some or all of that out of me.  Adults have drama, adults have issues, adults have pet peeves, love haphazardly, believe everything or nothing, hold others at bay. 

I often wonder – did we leave the best part of ourselves in Kindergarten?  How do we capture all the spectacular uniqueness that we had at 5 years old, or one year old?  How can we wake up everyday, not care about bed-head, and say, “Bring it on, world!” like our kids do? 

All right, I”m gonna say it:  “Bring it on, world!” bedhead and all!


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